Eugenia Askren

Eugenia Askren, recently retired from her position as the Senior Advisor to the Chairman of Ceská sporitelna, the largest bank in the Czech Republic. Ceská sporitelna, a.s. is part of the Erste Group, which is the leading financial services provider in Central Europe. Her responsibilities include human resources, community projects and financial budgeting.

Before Prague, Ms. Askren was VP-Finance and Administration at the Project for Public Spaces, Inc., a non-profit urban design firm in New York City. Prior to Public Spaces, Eugenia worked for Chemical Bank in the International Division. Her focus was Europe, including Italy, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

Past Board involvements include: Earth Day New York, 262 CPW Corporation, Community Playground Association and Convent of Sacred Heart all in New York City.

Ms. Askren majored in economics and foreign languages, and she holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University. She has done graduate work in portfolio theory at New York University.

Philip J. Fitzpatrick- Board Member Emeritus

Philip Fitzpatrick has worked as a lawyer in Jeffersonville, VT for over 25 years. He has been President of the Lamoille County Bar for 10 years. Since 1988, Mr. Fitzpatrick has been the Lamoille County probate judge. He is currently President of the Vermont Probate Judges Association.

Prior to his legal work, Mr. Fitzpatrick worked as a schoolteacher in Rockaway, NJ and as a VISTA volunteer in Milwaukee, WI.

Mr. Fitzpatrick’s non-professional interests include writing, acting, and singing. He was a soloist in the Georgetown University Glee Club, which toured Puerto Rico and performed for Pablo Casals at his home.

Mr. Fitzpatrick has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Philosophy from Georgetown University and a law degree from Boston University.

Louise Lague

Louise Lague has worked as a journalist, editor and author for 30 years. For 17 years she worked as an Author, Editor and Projects Manager at People magazine. Prior to People Magazine, Ms. Lague worked at the Washington Star as a writer and feature columnist. She is now both a journalist and practicing psychotherapist specializing in midlife issues, including divorce, career changes, mourning and other midlife transitions.

Ms. Lague is currently working on her second book Diva Lessons. Her first book The Working Mom’s Book of Hints, Tips and Everyday Wisdom was published in 1995.

Ms. Lague has a Bachelor’s degree in French from Georgetown University and a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Fairfield University. She is a National Certified Counselor with a Diploma in Mind/Body Medicine from Harvard Medical School.

Briggs Larkin

Briggs Larkin has worked in the non-profit world for over 20 years. For 10 years she worked at the Volunteer Center of Bergen County, New Jersey in various capacities including grant compliance, financial accounting and management, and volunteer recruitment. Prior to the VCBC, Ms. Larkin worked at American the Beautiful Fund on environmental and community cultural projects.

In addition to her professional experience, Ms. Larkin has been an active member of the Junior League and League of Women Voters. She served as Trainer for new recruits and eventually Treasurer and Vice President for the Junior League of Bergen County in New Jersey. She served as Secretary for the League of Women Voters of Bergen County.

Ms. Larkin has a Bachelor’s degree in Languages from Georgetown University. She has studied computer programming and accounting at Bergen Community College.

Holly Van Fleet

Holly Van Fleet works at the State Department where she providing translators and interpreters for events at State. Ms. Van Fleet previously worked at AED, an international development company in Washington, DC.



Robert Carson

Rob Carson teaches English at the Dwight-Englewood School in Englewood, NJ. He serves as an academic advisor and reader for the Fellowship Program.

Mr. Carson has a Bachelor's Degree from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY.