• Go The biggest of them all! The umbrella organization for and This website has the most comprehensive listing of schools, language programs, internships and jobs on the web.
  • International Student A good start for anyone going overseas. They cover the practical aspects of getting visas, student discounts etc.
  • U.S. Journal of Academics This website is for non-U.S. students and professionals wanting to study in the U.S.
  • International Scholarships Listings for scholarships, travel insurance and much more!
  • Lists unpaid internships, jobs etc. organized by continent and country.
  • Global Youth Connect Our mission is to build and support a community of youth working to defend human rights and social justice. They organize summer courses abroad, this year it's Cambodia. However, the programs do cost money.
  • EF Education Our mission is to break down cultural barriers. We offer educational travel to students and their teachers. Our ultimate mission is to offer travel to every student, regardless of their socioeconomic background.
  • The International Partnership for Service-Learning is a not-for-profit educational organization of colleges, universities, service agencies and related organizations united to foster and develop programs linking volunteer service and academic study for credit.
  • Foreign Aid lists international scholarships and foreign related organizations.
  • British Council A very useful site for visa info, scholarships to the UK and studying abroad.
  • Travling Ed Educational site that links travelers with classrooms.
  • Free Scholarship Guide The name says it all!
  • Financial Aid News monthly newsletter on updates to the world of financial aid.
  • Study Abroad Loans Ifyou're financial aid doesn't cover study abroad, here's a possible alternative.
  • Humana is a volunteer group that offers training and placement for a fee.






Hawaiian Air
Iceland Air
KLM (Amsterdam, Intl-Northwest)
Korean Air
Malaysia Air
Mexicana Airlines
Midway Air
Midwest Express
Northwest Airlines.
Southwest Airlines
TAP Portugal Air
US Airways
United Airlines
Varig Brazilian Airlines
Virgin Atlantic




Freighter Travel- Sometimes you can hitch a ride on cargo freight ships
Freighter World
Freighter Travel
Freighter Cruises
Freighter Travel

Rail Serve
Rail Europe
Train Web
Rail Pass.
Rail Travel Center

Air Courier- Courier Associations offer discounted tickets
Air Courier
Cheap Trips
Air Hitch







We've collated Country specific information on our World at a Glance Pages. Please go to the main page and click on a country flag to go to each Country Specifics. (Please be patient- Still Under Contruction)

City Sites:

Boston Information

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
New York City Information
San Francisco

Continental Sites:

Asia Tour

Middle East
South America
South East Asia
South Pacific Islands
World Room




  • An excellent site for people trying to get into travel writing. TravelWriters sells a directory of 500 magazines and newspapers, complete with submission rates, guidelines and deadlines. Invaluable resource for people trying to get published. They also have a marketplace for travel writing jobs needed.
  • Writers Weekly Each week they publish freelance writing jobs. Helpful hints for writers about how to find motivation and publishing contacts. They also have a monthly "24-hour short story contest".
  • Global Ear The follow up to the now defunct Blue Ear. An online community of writers, journalists and observers.
  • Booklocker is a self-publishing company that allows you to lay out and publish on demand your own book at very reasonable rates.



B & H Photo The massive store in NYC has an excellent website for all your photography needs. Expecially good prices for slide film and developing. Our own Photo Gallery is sponsored by PBase. After much shopping around, this is the easiest sites to use and create your own albums, subtitles for each photo and artists titles.




International Student Exchange Card ISE Cards are invaluable when traveling abroad. These student discounts can add up to real money, especially in Europe. If you're going abroad you must get this card!

Rail Europe The place to get your Eurail Pass before leaving for your trip. Eurail is the cheapest and easiest way to ride the trains of Europe. Also sells student discounts on hostels and tours etc.

The New York Pass includes: entry to 40 of New York's most exciting attractions, including The Empire State Building, The Guggenheim Museum, The Statue of Liberty, a Metrocard good for unlimited bus and subway travel. The New York Pass lets you skip the lines! Has great international flights, especially multi-stop or round the world flights. (Amy Matthews)

Expedia The big travel discount store. Check here for prices on air travel and hotels. Rates and airfares change weekly.


TRAVEL INSURANCE, MEDICINE and VISAS Has visa info for most countries and rush services available. (Amy Matthews) Has medical info plus a list of travel docs from all around the country. (recommended by Amy Matthews)

Essential Travel, one of the UK's largest online insurance providers. They sell hundreds of single, annual and backpacker policy options.

One World Insurance- travel insurance policies and comparison shopping.

World Travel Center Excellent Policy Picker system
Council Good resource for student travelers
Global Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance The name says it all.

Health and Travel Medicine Sites:

Medicine Planet Jam-packed with info and advice Travel Health online directory.

International Society of Travel Medicine - health clinics around the world. Print before you go!




There is a huge demand for English teachers around the world. Teaching English is one of the best ways to really learn about a foreign country. Getting a certificate virtually guarantees you a job anywhere in the world.

Boland School Increasingly TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate programs are required by schools overseas. My Travel Bug readers will receive a 5% on program tuition.

ICAL TEFL Program ICAL offers both TEFL and TESL certificate programs.

Dave's ESL Cafe THE starting point for all things teaching English. This is an excellent community online for what it's really like to teach English, lesson ideas, new jobs posted etc.





Teach school overseas in an American or British curriculum school! This site lists teaching positions around the world. You basically get paid as a Western teacher but live and work around the world. Plus summers off! An excellent site for people trying to get into travel writing. TravelWriters sells a directory of 500 magazines and newspapers, complete with submission rates, guidelines and deadlines. Invaluable resource for people trying to get published.

Idealist An excellent starting point for volunteering, internships and jobs around the world. They also administer Action without Borders a listing of activist jobs.

The Drum Beat Jobs in communication and media around the world. They also have a separate newsletter on Human Rights jobs.

Development Jobs A biweekly newsletter on International development jobs around the world. Job listings tend to be non-entry and management level. More jobs listed overseas. Generally in the tourism arena.

One World Good for international jobs and internships. They have a weekly email list with new openings.




Pimsleur Approach Language programs and technique used by the FBI and CIA. Also offers programs in non-traditional languages such as Vietnamese.

Power Glide Language courses in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, ESL and Latin.




Swiss Army Knives Essential for traveling- swiss army knives, watches etc. Just remember to put that knife in your check-in luggage!

BackCountry Store stocks thousands of name-brand carriers of camping gear etc.

REI is possibly the largest camping gear store online. This company is a co-op so you receive part of your purchase back at the end of the year. REI contributes proceeds to Sierra Club and other like-minded organizations. Always a useful tool for traveling. Or showing off when you get back!




"We must be the change we want to see in the world."- Mahatma Gandhi

Highlighting small organizations around the world that are making a difference

Kilim Women's Project Protecting, promoting and teaching the artisan craft of weaving rugs in Turkey. A fascinating project involving local Turkish women, an American resident and the Internet to sell hand woven rugs.

H'opital Albert Schweitzer Founded in 1956 in Deschapelles, Haiti by Americans Larimer and Gwen Grant Mellon , this amazing hospital has become a leader in the developing world as a pioneer in vaccination, community outreach and education.

The Fistula Hospital Located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, this hospital was founded by Australians Reginald and Catherine Hamlin to eradicate the stigma and trauma of fistula, a small hole in the bladder which develops during childbirth. This hospital works hard to restore dignity for these young women, simply by performing a $450 surgery.

Insiders Bhutan An excellent website about this little known country next to Nepal. There are a limited amount of visas granted annually to visit Bhutan so this is a good place to start for advice and tourist information.

Eduwatch is a nonprofit education organization, headquartered in Maryland, committed to ensuring the meaningful education of Nigerian children in order to promote peaceful co-existence, global understanding and a world citizenry that is both responsible and productive.

Meri Awaz Suno (Hear My Voice) - is an Urdu-language radio programme produced by Pakistani women journalists to raise issues affecting both women and children. Supported by Internews Pakistan and funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).